ican films develops and produces documentaries for the cinema and television as well as short films.

All projects want to challenge and surprise thematically as well as formally. They offer a unique point of view and may provoke, but always strive for social relevance and an international audience.

An Eye for the Unusual

ican films wants to use the emotional power of film to illuminate the unusual, or reexamine the seemingly familiar by looking at it from a different angle. Interested in many themes and subjects, ican films seeks to collaborate with filmmakers from around the world to tell unique stories.

Passion, enthusiasm and professionalism are what all ican films projects have in common. And for all productions, ican films seeks international distribution on all available platforms.

Whether American star virgins, the last survivors of the Hiroshima bombing, architectural icons, or extreme sports athletes, ican films wants to look behind the curtain, but never forgets that the actual stories may be found right in our own backyard.

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